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The Words Unsaid

The Words Unsaid

Kagome sat there one night,
staring at the fire,
lost in its soft light,
as hot as her desire,
but carefully banked low,
trying to stay small,
the way her passion must go
to answer her love's call.

She wondered, at times like this,
about the fire in his heart
how it would be to feel his kiss,
and not be kept apart
by some fierce sense unspoken,
of honor's boundary,
To feel his heart woken
His amber eyes set free.

Above her from his tree
Amber eyes did stare,
Though she couldn't look and see
She knew that he was there,
All shadowed silver and red
Her protector from the night
Watching from his treebranch bed
Hidden from her sight.

InuYasha watched the firelight flicker
And how Kagome watched it there alone,
Somehow the dark seemed thicker
With things unseen, unsaid, unknown.
Words have special power,
With magic in their way
And in this special hour
There were things he ought to say.

He could fight the worst of youkai
by blood and rage and might,
but when it came to words to say
to the girl beneath his sight
the girl who soothed his heart,
who had wept for him in grief --
If he lost her he would come apart --
but she stole his words just like a thief.

Slipping from his tree
he drew near to the fire
Both sitting quietly
The air kissed with desire.
Words unspoken hung in the night
She touched him with a smile,
A hand touched hers by firelight.
They slept after awhile.
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