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Kikyo is Dead

Read one too many fanfics written since her death in the manga that have her doing nasty things....

This is my complaint to the world:

Kikyo is dead,
and her death was a beautiful release,
so why don't they give her any peace?
Fanfiction won't let her rest.

Kikyo is dead,
I saw the manga scans with my own eye,
the story made me want to cry.
But they make her say the meanest things.

Kikyo is dead,
And even Kagome wept when she passed on,
Her touch was warm, but then she was gone,
But some folks evidently want her back.

Kikyo is dead.
But who else will make Inuyasha look bad
And make Kagome think he is just a cad
So she can run off with Sesshoumaru?

Kikyo is dead,
And I say it's time to let her rest.
She had a hard role to play and she did her best.
Time to let her go to sleep.

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