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Drabble: Force of Nature

Oh a little funny. Snark was trying to sneak out, but just a little.

Force of Nature

InuYasha  stood near the top of the rise, the wind catching in his hair as he looked at the valley below.  There was something serious and pensive about the way he stood, the way his ears flicked as the breeze danced around them.  Kagome, just standing there, watching,  thought he looked like master of his universe, strong and capable, surveying his holdings below him.  

Something inside of her stirred as she watched.  He had an unhuman, masculine beauty, not just in his silver hair and amber eyes and perfect skin, but also in the way he carried himself, especially when he was alone and not reacting to others’ perceptions.  There was grace and power there, a goodness that attracted her to him the first time she saw him, even as he hung there sealed to the tree.  There was part of him that was unfathomable to her, that was a force of nature, and she was drawn to it like a moth to a flame.

She put the basket she was carrying down, and took out a ground cloth to spread.  He swerved, hearing her at last and bounded over.

“There you are!  I was waiting.  You should have come over to where I was standing.  There was this little bird I was watching chasing a hawk that got too close to its nest.  Now that takes guts.  Kinda reminded me of how I fight.”  He smiled at her, kissed her lightly on the lips, and took the cloth from her hand.

“What’d ya bring for lunch?” he asked, helping her spread the cloth. “I’m really hungry.”

She smiled up at him.  A force of nature and all man, too.  No wonder he made her so happy.

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