knittingknots (knittingknots) wrote,

Poem: Why

My afternoon dose of  IK fluff


Why, he wondered, sometimes,
late at night when sleep escaped him,
as he stared into the darkness with eyes
that saw as no mortal eye could see,
while he watched his sleeping wife
as the moonlight lit up her skin,
kissed her hair,
turning her sleeping form  next to him
into that of a tennyo full of magic and mystery.

Why, he wondered, sometimes,
as he watched the soft rise and fall of her breathing,
his fingers lightly tracing  the shape of her breast
across the sheet,
or the outline of her lips,
not enough to wake her,
but enough to stir something deep within him
that knew he could never be worthy
of the miracle she brought into his life.

Magic and mystery wrapped around him
as he stretched out beside her,
this petite woman who wrought love into magic,
who plunged across the seas of time
just because in the mystery of her heart
she had longed to be with him.

At moments like this,
as he wrapped himself protectively around her body,
and felt how perfectly she fit next to him
he was certain she was a kami in disguise.
Prayerfully, he would kiss the sweet skin of her shoulder,
and decide why was the will of Heaven,
and grateful forever at Heaven’s intercession,
and wrapped in the incense of her scent,
he would fall happily back to sleep.

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