knittingknots (knittingknots) wrote,

Beating the last piece.....

Beating the last section of Chapter 3 of YT in shape.  I've only started this section five or six times this morning.

I will, no doubt, be laying low until either I or the story wins.  Time will tell.

To keep you company, my reworking of a Japanese children's song (I did not invent the pun on Kawaii and caw...)

Why does the crow caw
flying over the mountain,
kawaii, kawaii --
hear her calling.

 In her nest she has
seven cute chicks just waiting,
kawaii, kawaii,
she’s calling for them.

“I love you, cute ones,"
she sings as she goes flying,
kawaii, kawaii --
this is what she’s telling them.

Go and see her nest
if you will not believe me --
kawaii, kawaii --
see the bright-eyed chicks.
Tags: poem, rl, writing

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