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Drabble: Hidden Spring

More Post manga escapism on my part....

Hidden Spring

His hair made silver patterns floating on the water behind him, patterns that danced and shifted slightly as he slid his arms around the woman next to him.

“Is this all right, Kagome?” he asked.

She nodded.  Her eyes still dropped modestly down, and her cheeks still dusted with color at being naked in the water with a man, even if it was the man she had given her love and her body to.  This life she had chosen  was still all so new to her.

InuYasha pulled her closer, and she rested her head on his shoulder.  “This is a beautiful place,” she said.

“Yeah.  I don’t know if many people even know it exists.  It’s kind of hard to get to,” he said, taking her left hand in his right.  He planted a small kiss in her palm.  “I found it one day by accident, and knew if....”  He swallowed, as if the words were hard to say.  “If you came back home, I’d want to take you here.”

She snuggled into his arms,  letting her lips brush against his neck.  “Home.  I like the sound of that,” she murmured.

His hands threaded through her hair, tiling her face up to meet his amber gaze, looking at her with an intensity that sent a tingle through her entire body. Leaning forward, his mouth found hers, his lips brushing gently against hers in a kiss meant to signal everything he could not put into words. The kiss deepened, became hungry.

When they came up for air, Kagome, her eyes glittering, asked, “Ready to get out?”

“Damn right,” InuYasha replied.  “Time for bed.”

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