knittingknots (knittingknots) wrote,

Happy BD, landofthekwt!

"So," said Pink, "It's your beedee." She took a handful of popcorn and dropped each piece in her mouth separately.

Her guest shifted in his seat, moderately uncomfortable in the presence of the mad bunny's aura.

"Beedee?" said Black, sauntering by, flicking her wings at the author sitting in front of the bunny. The chain on her wings glinted in the light as she sasshay'd by.

"Birthday," said Snark, flicking his left ear at the bemused guest. He snatched a kernal of popcorn from mid air. Pink gave him an evil look. "This calls for something special."

Black turned and made warning signs to the gentleman, who turned his head, began to speak when suddenly he was distracted by a flash of white and red. "OOOOOO! said Cotton, as she landed on his head. She looked down, her eyes peering into his. "I love birthdays. What do you want for a present?"

"I'd be careful around her, if I were you," warned Pink. "She's been known to do some....odd things."

Black snickered and muttered something about the pot calling the kettle black.

Cotton gave Black a strange look. "You don't look like a pot." She shrugged, and waved her wand.

Suddenly lights grew dim, and then, out of the darkness, the fluff magic gathered.

With a burst, suddenly in bright magic fireworks the magic took form.

unique glitter graphics

With a sudden wave of her hand, Pink and company surrounded him, singing a very off key version of the birthday song.

"Well, that's interesting," said their guest.

"Ya think so?" said Pink. "Want some sake?"

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