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Poem: His Miko

Inspired by kriscynical 's drawing My Miko

His Miko

Wrapped in a timeless place,
the world collapsed to merely the two of them,
he held her in his arms,
this small woman, soft and delicate,
stronger than iron,
who held his heart, his hope
in the soothing touch of her hand,
the sound of her voice,
the light in her eyes,
the soul that saved him from an endless night.

His miko,
who healed him with a touch,
she was the shrine he worshiped at,
her warm skin the altar,
lost in her loving touch,
the gentle feeling of her hands
pushing aside the linen of his kosode
was the blessing of heaven,
erasing the shame of what he was,
the guilt of where he had failed,
the dark marring his soul.

His lips, touching the purity
of her offered body,
the body she invited him to,
offered silent prayer
the words of his adoration,
the song of his thanksgiving,
as he explored her satin perfection
by taste and tongue and touch.

Wrapped in the incense of her scent,
he danced the sacred dance of his love
her heart the taiko drum,
her breath the sacred flute,
and  as she, his miko,
the sacred kami of his heart,
cried out in ecstasy,
and he filled her with the offering of his body
he knew he had truly found heaven's favor.

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