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Ups and downs....

Ups, first:

Being told I reignited someone's interest in InuYasha

(Yay for my favorite Dog Boy!)


Reading yet another fiction that could have been great if they had avoided the fanon stereotypes of making Inu enough of a jerk that no one would have ever liked him, Kagome the super angst queen, and Miroku a prime candidate for the Head Injury Recovery Support Group.  Sigh.  Good plot concept with an interesting twist, but way too much time dealing with bad characterizations  Writer made bunny cry and put on mourning for what could have been.  Sigh.

Getting totally irritated by people who can't spell Naraku, Kaede and Sesshoumaru.  I don't care if people don't choose to use the ou for long o.   That doesn't bother me.  Nuraku and Shesshoumaru and Keada drive me crazy.  If someone's going to write a fanfic, they can at least learn to spell the characters' names...

And btw, while I'm ranting at those who don't look things up, it's haori, not hoari. 

Ah.  I feel so much better now.

Even KK has to get it out of her system once in awhile.
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