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Poem: By Light of the Lamp

More I/K stuff....

The lamplight cast
warm amber glow across
the corner of the room,
lifting the evening shadows,
inviting the hand
to sew,or write or read,
but she ignored its invitation,
and instead ran slender fingers
through silver hair as fine as silk.

She clasped him to her,
this man,
this magical creature,
this other half of her being
who filled the long aching void in her heart
by the power of his glance,
the touch of his hand,
the sound of his voice,
and with his presence
made her life complete.

His arms wrapped around her reverently,
calloused hands that could bring down dragons
caressed her, gently,
exploring the smooth skin of her back,
touching her soul with the fire of his need.
And though she knew he felt unworthy,
she knew he was more than worthy,
as she pressed his head to her breast,
comforting him,
longing to release him
from all the darkness he punished himself with.
And though he felt impure,
the purity of his love
had given her the wings to cross time.

She nuzzled the top of his head,
kissed a triangular ear,
and whispered, softly,
"Blow out the lamp, Koibito,
and come to bed."
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