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Sept. 9, 1965

First day of school in the New Orleans public school system.  Morning dawned very clear.  About this time of day, (2:15 Central Time) the rain began to come down in sheets.  By the middle of the night , large parts of the city had flooded.  When I woke up on the 10th, there were trees down everywhere, power was out and water was contaminated.

Hurricane Betsy had come and gone.  Before Katrina, it was the storm people remembered.  I slept through the worst of it, being only 10.  My best girlfriend lived in a part of town that got flooded and they lost most everything.  A friend of our family's house got flooded enough that they had to move to the attic and wait for rescue.

I suspect not a lot of people remember it so vividly any more.  But we had only moved to New Orleans on the 18th of August.  It sort of etched itself into my mind forever.

Wonder what sort of memories Hurricane Ike will leave behind....
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