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A little AnimeFest con pic spam...

Several pics, so it's all under a cutI didn't take as many pics as I should of...I got too into being part of the crowd and not a recorder of it...

I just like this hat!


Combat Kagome! Neko-sama joined us as Combat Kagome...rather a formidible bit of gear!

Death Note was very popular!

DN Duo

Me with my hair misbehaving and looking sunburned, and Doggieearlover in the green that looks so good on her. In the rush to get out of town, I forgot the eyepatch to really do Kaede, but I have to admit, the costume was very comfy.

KK and DEL

Weren't a lot of IY costumes, but I did see one other Kaede, a Kagome or two, one InuYasha who shouldn't have, a couple of Mirokus. Lots and lots of Bleach costumes, DN , Vampire Knight, lots of gothloli, and of course, a huge amount of Naruto. It was fun, though.
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