knittingknots (knittingknots) wrote,

Sewing, sewing...(and pending birthday ruminations)

I'm about to finish the first kosode I ever made.

Just whipping down the collar into place now. Finally got the guts to start it last night. The directions for the collar had me intimidated, but I persevered, and now, I have a nice sengoku period style under kosode.

As I just rethreaded my needle, made me grateful for things. Here I am, just about to turn 53, and I can still thread a size 6 quilting needle (not the smallest, but still quite small eyed) without the help of magnifiers or needle threaders. I was always near-sighted as all get, and as I've aged, I suspect my better than normal near sight is now mellowing out into something just a little less than normal for a young person. Something to be grateful for.

Although I am in a hurry and finished most edges by machine, my hands are still flexible enough to handle the sewing work without aching. I am grateful for that...I had to slow down a whole lot on my knitting cause it kicks up arthritis and tendonitis in my right hand. When you're a craft minded person in your middle age, doing crafts and not having to suffer from the hand aches is always a good thing.

I'm grateful that I have the reason to be making these things in the first place...good friends to go and meet, an interesting event to give me an excuse to costume for (and I love to make and wear costumes), the means to actually do it and a hubby that thought I was worth spending the money on, and who loves me enough to want me to do things that I enjoy.

I have had my share of bad things in my life...a nervous breakdown at 10, a fiance who walked out on me at 20, an arsonist who broke into my home when I was in my 30s, being jumped on a bus when I was in college, losing my best friend before she was 40 because she had rather die than face an unhappy life, watching my mother die...all, and more things have happened that I could have bittered out on. But I don't want to. I would rather remember the light that other people have brought, and try to return some of that, and be very grateful for those things which make life worth living.

And now, before I get back to my stitchery, a thank you for all those who spend your time coming here and connecting and letting me be on your friends list. You are appreciated.
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