knittingknots (knittingknots) wrote,

Ah, the quiet of a friday evening...

Sewing and writing, writing and sewing.  I was intimidated at putting a simple kosode together, but now that I've started it, it looks like it's going to go together so simply...Surprise, surprise.  Hope for my Kaede costume yet.

So, I surprisingly got my 3rd chapter for YT out (dang, three chapters for my chapter fics out this month...that hasn't happened in awhile), And inbetween bouts with the sewing machine, I still had time to pull up my master file and start working on EIMH.  Dang.  Who gave Pink the high octane sake?  I wish I knew.  I'd buy her that brand all the time....LOL.

Beware of sticking your hand in your sewing basket without might just find there are things with sharp edges on the bottom...
Tags: life

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