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Of KK and the gang

Oh, this is just something silly I wrote instead of doing a bio for one of the sites I post to.  It turned into the saga of how KK got saddled with her muses...LOL.  I liked it well enough that I wanted to save it, but your mileage might vary....

 How KK ended up the way she is:

Once upon a time a woman who was old enough to know better, but young enough to say what the heck discovered a wonderful doggie eared silver-haired young man with a troubled past and a horrific quest and immediately fell heads over heels for the boy.

 She decided to go a-questing with him.  Along the way she picked up several companions.  One of the first was a foxy-eared guy with a bright smile and a wicked sense of humor.  He introduced himself as the Snark Monster, and wild parody and crack humour followed in his wake.

The next companion she discovered was a 3 foot tall pink bunny who munched popcorn and drank far too much sake.  "I am Pink the Plot Bunny, and this is the Sake of Inspiration, and you are going to be my slave.  Want some popcorn?"

After she met Pink, she found herself sitting at the computer sweating out stories, poems and drabbles.  Pink felt sorry for her, and introduced her to Fabio, a big, burly guy who looks very much like the romance novel model.  "He'll help you writing romance," Pink said.

One day, the writer heard Pink arguing with someone.  She looked, and saw someone who looked a lot like Tinkerbell, but wearing black.  The fairy had a tatoo on one shoulder, and her wings were pierced.  "Who are you?" the writer asked.  "I'm Black, and I'm here to help you write dark things."  Pink was not amused.  Another day, the writer woke up and found herself covered with white fluff.  A small redheaded fairy looked down at her.  "Hi!  I'm Cotton!  I'm the muse of warm and fuzzy feelings.  I'm here to help you write sweet things about InuYasha and Kagome."  The writer did a facefault.  One night, not long after, she went out under a full moon, and met a vampire.  "Don't worry, silly writer.  I'm not here to drink your blood.  I hear you need a muse of dark horror and mayhem.  My name is Lord Ruthvan."

Overwhelmed by it all, the writer swiped Pink's sake bottle, got drunk, and started to write, and soon she found herself playing in the wilds of the Japan of InuYasha, chasing his silver hair across many adventures, and she sighed.  All was right in the world.

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