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Ganked from Wheezambu (definitely got a different result)

It did ask what we would do now, not what we've done, after all...(am I really a goody two shoes?  Hmmm....)

Your result for The Sexual HELL Test...


Raw score: 24%

Decent, honorable, honest, but not totally pure. Still, you have earned a spot in sexual heaven. You seek pleasure but you won't be reckless about it. You can get dirty under the right circumstances, but you're never mean or deceitful about it.

Based on the usual standards of religious morality and the usual social moors, you are a good person to get involved with sexually (screw). You're up there with Jodie Foster, Will Smith, and Hulk Hogan.

AVOID: Hell Levels 2 and deeper.

Take The Sexual HELL Test at HelloQuizzy

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