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Happy/Sad Meme

tagged by banana_cave

(list 5 things that make you happy, and five things that make you sad. Then you're supposed to tag 5 people)

5 happy things

1. Moonrise on the nights of the full moon.

2. A really excellent history book

3. Coffee shop time with good friends.

4. Listening to good music

5. Learning something new and interesting.

5 sad things

1. hearing that my kids have problems

2. finding out the book I bought is a piece of not readable crap

3. Making a mistake in a piece of knitting and discovering it three or four inches later.

4. Learning about a friend's problem and knowing I can't do anything to help.

5. Mother's day, because it reminds me that my mom is no longer with us.

OK, people, you know I hate to tag, so I am depending on 5 of you to volunteer!
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