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Hot flashes at midnight
And sinus congestion
Dogs whining to go out
At 3 without question,
Sore throat and a headache and insomina clings,
These are just not my most favorite things.

When the heat hits,
when my brain fits,
as I'm feeling bad
I get on the puter
And read trashy fan fictions
And then I just feel so sad.

Hubby got to stay one day on his fire assigment. He made it back home in time for dinner. I have the sinus headache from hell and a sore throat.

But one good note is that I rediscovered one fan fic that had a section about full youkai InuYasha that I really liked and that I forgot to book mark, so the insomnia wasn't totally in vain...

The odd things I collect. That, and writing parody songs when I feel sick.
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