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Sharing: Stuff about Sengoku Jidai Clothes

Found some neat sites that talk about medieval Japanese clothing.

(It's true. I'm getting ready to make costumes, but the truth is, I had these links saved already cause they help me describe and understand stuff better)

This one tells you the name and how to wear most of the armour a better dressed Japanese soldier would wear (although most of the foots soldiers weren't dressed this well), and even tells you how to make a lot of them:

Some stuff about portraying  Buddhist monks which has info which can be used by writers:

A neat site on Kosodes including information about how they were decorated and how to make'em.

Patterns for women's hakama

(including how to tie them.  they are tied differently than men's.)

A pattern for men's hakama (period correct, not like modern sport hakama),15

And there's always the wonderful Costume Museum:
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