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Ganked from Patty 530 and Xgrenade

The Survey

01. Look at your left.
a bookcase.

02. If you could change the color of your eyes, what would it be?
03. What is the last show you've seen on TV?
Bleach, I think.  It's been a while

04. Why do you think shiny objects easily catches our eyes?
human eyes are designed to pick out unusual stuff, motion, sparkles...

05. Do you see any food around?
a dog biscuit

01. How does your hand smell?
like Wintergreen.  I just put some ointment on my calf.  LOL

02. Could you touch your nose with your tongue?

03. How do you react when you suddenly smell something unbearable?
try not to retch.

04. Any pimples on your nose right now?

05. Does the scent of food make you hungry?
of course.


01. What food are you currently craving for?
coffee, sweet, with chocolate.

02. Have you ever eaten anything right after you brush your teeth?
yes.  Yuck.

03. Do you eat as much as you could or you should?
Too often as much as I can

04. Chocolate is..?
a gift from the gods, right up there with coffee beans

05. Do you believe you could taste things even if you don't put them in your mouth?

To some degree.  It's mediated by chemicals, and if you breath in those chemicals, you can taste.  And it's also connected to smell.

01. What's your preferential taste of music?

Complex and interesting.  I listen to too much different styles to claim one my my preferred.  

02. How many languages could you understand?

English mostly,  some french, I can read a little latin and italian, and the occasional word in Japanese.

03. Do you prefer oral reports to written ones?
Giving oral reports?  I taught English for 10 years.  no problem.  Writing them is a pain.  

Receiving reports?  I'd rather read them.

04. When you listen to music, how loud is it?
moderately medium, unless it's one of my favorite pieces, like the Summer storm segment from Vivaldi's 4 season.  Then it's LOUD

05. You wearing any earrings on right now?

01. Do you like hugging people?
Counts the person.

02. Could you keep yourself from scratching something itchy?
With great difficulty.

03. A stranger gropes you, what do you do?
If it's in a public place, scream at him.

04. Are you satisfied with your current complexion?
Nope.  But time does that to us.

05. Do you go around your house bare footed?
Whenever possible!



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Jul. 23rd, 2008 05:10 pm (UTC)
Your meme was very interesting. Well, I have to agree with you, the chocholate and coffee Gods are good to us. It is essential to have these two items in my diet plan. :D I have to ask though, what does wintergreen oil do for your body?
Jul. 23rd, 2008 05:44 pm (UTC)
It's the natural source for the active ingredient in things like Ben Gay and Icy Hot and other pain relieving ointments...
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