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The nation is divided into 11 regions referred to as Geographic Area Coordination areas, otherwise known as GACCs.  On this morning's situation report, there was fire in all 11, including the Eastern GACC, which seldom has fire this time of year.  The Eastern GACC covers the midwest and  northeast.  There was fire in Maine.

Southern California, which is it's own GACC, is slowing down, with wildfire being replaced by flood.  Nasty over freshly burned ground.  There have been mudslides.

We're waiting to see if hubby is going back out.  He may be going to Washington state this time around.

Update:  Yep, hubby is soon to be enroute to Washington.  What I call Big Timber fire season (fire in the forested areas of the Northwest and northern Intermountain states) seems to have started, and a little early.)
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