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FA and IYFG News and Thanks...

Amazing!  My little piece Reversals won 3rd place for Best Angst Fiction in the FA Awards...Thanks for everybody who voted for it! Thanks, namiyo11 for nom'ing it!  Never ever thought I'd win an award for Angst!  LOL

How quickly the quarter flies by!

I have some thanks already for noms:  I appreciate it!


I was kind of productive this quarter, and have a lot more bits than usual  After the End is not eligible to be nom'ed as Best Canon, since I got first place last quarter, but that's the only restriction on my chapter fics.

Now under the cut  is my quarterly pimping of new work...and this time, I'm really surprised by how much of it there is:

Now for my quarterly pimping of new work.  LOL.

Yesterday's Tomorrows
Rated M
(this is my post manga romance/action adventure tale, although right now, it's only romance, to be honest)


Sugar Attack
Rated: M
(Pink the Plot Bunny and Cotton Candy, the fairy muse of WAFF get into a fight about how to write a post-manga story)

Once Upon a Story
Rated: T
(Pink the Plot Bunny interfers with the story Black was going to write about Kouga and Kagome)
Meeting in the Dark
Rated: T
InuYasha meets Kagome for something one night.  What could it be?

Drabbles of various sorts

Rated: K
Kagome leaves her book at home and InuYasha dashes after her to give it back. So how does Kagome react?

The Weight
Rated: K
InuYasha thinks about Kagome one night when she is on the other side of the well

Rated: T
InuYasha has a nightmare

Going Home
Rated K
Takes place immediately at the end of Manga chapt. 557

Rated: K
Miroku and Sango talk about Kagome when she returns to the past

Canon Universe Oneshots

Summer Afternoon
Rated T
Takes place after the end of the manga

Better Than Ramen
Rated: K
A little I/K Fluff

Paper Ribbon
Rated: K
Takes place after the end of the manga. Kagome puts her hair up in a pony tail one day and learns something about InuYasha's past


Early Morning
Rating: M
InuYasha and Kagome early in the morning. Post Manga

Midnight Tryst
Rating: M
InuYasha and Kagome in an intimate midnight moment

But What About Kikyou?
Rating: K
A snarky look at Kikyou at the hands of fanfic writers

Izayoi Waiting
Rating: K

(I am kind of amazed...this has to be my most productive quarter ever.  And I still manged to update both ATE and EIMH during the quarter as well as go crazy about the end of the Manga....)
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