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Experiments with verse forms: Tanka

Tanka is a Japanese verse form of 31 syllables of 5-7-5, 7-7

I was actually doing something else, but my brain said write some. So I did. All centering around InuYasha (and mostly his relationship with Kagome).


Beneath the dark sky
star-filled without bright moonlight
amber turns violet.
Silver masked as midnight waits,
Poised to pounce at Youkai dawn.


The emptiness strikes
When across the weight of years
Her sweet scent leaves him.
How heavy time presses on him --
Five hundred years, one blue flash.


Sakura blossoms
caught once in her midnight hair
waiting as he looked.
Contradictions fail at times,
and when whole, he knows his heart.


Empty heart a cup
filled with her certain bright smile,
note of early spring
to be savored privately
as it warms his heart alone.
Tags: inuyasha, poem

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