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Five Senses Meme

1.) How is your eyesight?

Nearsighted and astigmatic.  I can't read with my bifocals on, so I take them off all the time.  I can still thread a needle at 52, so my close sight is still good.

2.) How is your hearing? 

fine.  I can hear higher pitched sounds than some folks I knowl

3.) Taste?

Yummy, yummy.... I have fondnesses for chocolate, medium rare steak and  things highly seasoned.  All seem to be in working order.

4.) Smell? Any allergies?

Smell works too well.   I have chemical sensitivies that flair up sometimes, and it's amazing what tiny amounts of stuff I can smell if I'm really being bothered....

5.) Touch? Ticklish?

Do not touch my feet.  Ever.  I have nerve damage neuropathy in my left pinkie.

6.) Have you ever been in a serious accident?


7.) Do you have any physical disabilities?


8.) Do you have any mental/emotional disabilities?

Winter depression.  Tendency to internalize stress.  Addicted to low-level anxiety....LOL.

9.) Do you have to use any special tools to use your computer?

Just squint.

10.) Are there any tasks other people can do easily that you can't? 

Sure.  Reach the top shelf in the kitchen, for instance.

I'm supposed to tag 5 people, but most of the people I would tag have been tagged, so tag yourself!
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