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Today's Indulgence:

  •  Kawanakajima 1553-1564: Samurai Power Struggle (Campaign, 130) (Campaign)

  • Ashigaru 1467-1649 (Warrior)
Mishima's Sword: Travels in Search of a Samurai Legend

Last week's indulgence:

A Year in the Life of a Shinto Shrine
Japanese Landscapes: Where Land and Culture Merge
Traditional Domestic Architecture of Japan
Japanese No Dramas (Penguin Classics)
The Holy Kojiki -- Including, The Yengishiki
Traditional Toys of Japan  (still waiting for this one to come in)

(Don't think I have read all these.  I have been reading the intro background for the Noh plays, about half aobut the book on the Kojiki, thumbed through Traditional Domestic Architecture.  It has a lot of info, and I will need to read to find the right stuff)  I went over the book about a year in the life of a Shinto Shrine, and learned some interesting stuff right  away, but I really need to sit and read it, and soon, if I can ever get my nose out of the Phoenix Blade...LOL.
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