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Why do I do it?

Did it again.

Started to look at yet another cookie cutter fic, where Kagome and InuYasha bounce around with every Kouga and Kikyou cliche in the fanon, filled with Kagome self-esteem angst over Kikyou, Miroku should have permanent brain damage and run away because of how Sango treats him (and in fact, nobody would want to be anywhere near him because of his inability to say a phrase without a double entendre, and where the author has to put them in a fairly predicable series of  crisis after crisis to near the very end, where she finally lets them get together so she can have an epilogue with Kagome, Inu and their kids a few years down the road.

Some stories can do this and be wonderful to read (well, I do get really sick of the Kikyou angst, I gotta admit), with fresh insight and interesting twists.

But most, well what can I say? 

Hope springs eternal, I guess, that I will discover someone who can do something different and avoid the cliches.


I'm such a sucker....

This is what I get for reading instead of getting my butt down to the writing I'm supposed to be doing.
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