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Poem: The Foxes

This is a takeoff on a Japanese children's song, which is a take off on a German folk song, according to my source.  It's not a translation attempt by any means...I grabbed two images and ran....But I still tried to keep it a children's poem.   It's a hybrid between Japanese form and the use of rhyme -  alternating 5 and 7 syllable lines with a abcbcd rhyme scheme.

When the autumn comes,
and the leaves fall red and gold,
see the foxes play,
dressing up before the cold.
“I’m pretty!” they say
with maple leaves in their hair.

When the winter comes
and the snow lies on the ground,
foxes go to den --
their tails wrapped tightly around
their cold noses then,
no room at home to play in.

But when the spring comes,
The foxes will run to play
wearing wild flowers
gathered on a sunny day --
dancing for hours,
happy for the new season.
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