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Kikyou won't leave me alone!

For some reason, Kikyou is not leaving me alone. I don't know why, but she keeps sneaking into my poetry....


A purifying arrow, she,
her life reforged in oni greed,
annealed in the burning fire
of vengeance,
no softness to deter.

A purifying arrow, she,
launched from the bow of Yama,
A shinigami tracking hell
to bring the bringer of her death
down to his reward.

Focused, everything,
upon that single point,
the tip of her life,
love is a tool
in the hands of death,
dreams of what might have been
fuel to the fire.

Yet in the end,
this purifying arrow falls short,
her shining light pauses,
passes on to another,
and the tears of one
who cannot forget the might-have-beens
and the shape of her lonely heart
break the arrow,
and send her on to freedom,
at peace.

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