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Just another boring afternoon...LOL...

Working on EIMH, and I don't like the chapter.  My email is asking flaky.  Spent part of the afternoon up putting up an old fashioned wedge tent with my hubby so that he knows how to do it when we go to historical reinactments.  I have a sinus headache, cause all the wind yesterday brought in a lot of dust.

Life is irritating.

My hands ache a little, but I want to knit.  Maybe if I use size 13 needles instead of 00....

Maybe if I ever get that stupid chapter done, my outlook would improve...LOL.  But I think one last scene, and I move onto the Yama-uba. 

I wonder what would happen if I let Pink out to play with Sesshoumaru...

Things I think of on a boring afternoon.
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