knittingknots (knittingknots) wrote,

Imagine if you will....

Imagine if you will, a three foot tall living easter bunny.  That talks.  And eats popcorn.  And slams back sake out of a jug.  That's Pink.  She's a good plot bunny, very good at generating ideas.  She lets me write all these funny stories about her and doesn't fuss.

Now, put said bunny in jackboots.  She's put down the popcorn bowl today (safe in Fabio's hands) to take up a whip.  She still holds the sake bottle, though (Please, Inari, don't let her get into the beer!),  and has perched herself on the shoulder of Fabio, who's running around looking like Fabio in Lord Byron drag, knee britches, open necked poet's shirt .

The dynamically weird muse duo has announced that all my fics are being held hostage until the little vignette I started 2 days ago is done.  Of course, it's not a little vignette any more, having grown from about my usual almost 400 words to over 2000, and I'm not done.  I've got people writing me asking where the sequel for ATE is cause it's been so long since I updated, and I have had a half written chapter of EIMH on my thumb drive for over two weeks.  Doesn't matter to these two.  They want THIS piece done.

If I seem distracted, the dynamic duo woke me up at 4 this morning and made me write for over an hour before they believed my whining and realized I was too tired for sustained writing, and let me go back to sleep.  Got back up a couple hours later, and found myself mostly back working on it.

Dang, I wished for motivation, but I didn't think it would be so....demanding!

So if I'm hard to find, just look for the trail of popcorn and spilled sake.

Please don't let her get into the beer....I'd hate to see the result.  
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