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Another plot bunny bites the dust....

Will the relentless Pink leave me alone?

This piece was derived from the extended spoiler, so yes, it sort of contains spoilers from 558.

Anyway, this was written before I read the script, but I like it well enough.  This was the piece that Pink so rudely interrupted me writing to produce Sugar Attack.  It was going to be longer, but after battle of the muses, I decided to run with it and ponder the real chapter instead.


Sango watched one of the twins sitting on the lap of the friend she was afraid she would never see again.  The toddler was nodding off, nestled in the crook of Kagome’s arm.

The light from the fire pit flickered over their faces, and on the silver hair and face of the man who sat next to Kagome.  Since he had helped her out of the well earlier today, the two had been inseparable.  All the while as she and Miroku had caught Kagome up with the high points of their lives, InuYasha and Kagome had been sneaking glances at each other, touching, sometimes blushing. From time to time, their eyes would meet, and they would be lost to the world around them. Sango couldn’t remember when last she saw her hanyou friend with such an aura of peace. All the sadness of these last few years that he had carried about him, a sadness that had made her feel guilty as she and Miroku had grown so close and happy just had vanished.

Sango looked at the sleeping child and at Miroku and nodded. She stood up and walked over to Kagome.

“I think it’s time for the little ones to go to sleep,” Miroku said.  “You are welcome to stay here tonight, Kagome-sama, if you’d like.”

“Thank you, Miroku.  But I told Kaede that I would be staying with her and Rin.”  Kagome smiled at her friends, and handed the sleeping child back to Sango.  “There’s so much to catch up on!  But it’s so good to be back.”  

She caught InuYasha’s eyes as she spoke.  A small smile touched his lips, nowhere near a smirk.

Miroku and Sango stood by the door as they watched the couple walk down the path towards Kaede’s house.

“She’s grown up,” Miroku commented.  

“I was so afraid she’d never come back,” Sango said.  

“InuYasha knew, I think.” said Miroku, wrapping his arm around his wife.   “Even though he was willing to give her up forever if it would make her happy, I don’t think he ever really doubted.”
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