knittingknots (knittingknots) wrote,

Ah, life....

I've got plot bunnies coming out of the Kazoo, (Pink's really been drinking too much sake), my legs hurt cause I spent too much time the last few days obsessing and not getting out of my chair and doing things like walk, and I'm having an arthritis flair in my hand (and the weather's gorgeous and warm.  And to boot, hubby just got called on a fire assignment, so he's getting ready to go to southern Utah, where there's a fire near the Utah/AZ state border.

And I just bought a small pork roast.  But he's excited and happy, so that's good.  He could be gone 2 weeks.  But who knows?  Last assignment he was gone 2 days.

Life would be nicer if my hands didn't ache, or if my tummy felt good enough to take some ibuprofen.  Instead, I smell of Tiger Balm....

I wonder if I'll get the one shot I'm working on done before I see the last chapter? 
Tags: life

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