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One Year Later.....

One year ago today,  I hesitantly posted the following poem on Deviant art.  It was my very first piece of fanfic.  And of course, it was a poem:

New moon boy, dark of hair,
hiding within the forest leaves
violet eyes are shadow-wrapped,
Scent grows faint and sound deceives --
Father's strength now steps away
As Mother's blood holds total sway.

New moon boy, dark of hair,
although you wait, you do not cower --
hand grown weak, heart stays bold,
that bright heart is your truest power
though Father's strength now steps away
as Mother's blood holds total sway.

Since then, I've done at least 53 other pieces of  InuYasha- themed poetry, 17 short prose pieces,  30 chapters of Evil In Men's Hearts (hopefully soon to be 31), 12 chapters of After the End, and 58 other assorted poems (several of  them written for and ending up in my chapter fics) and 12 haiku written specifically for each chapter of ATE.

In the course of this year, I've made many wonderful friends,  learned a huge lot about Japan's culture and history, had a great time learning about the intricacies of hanging out on a forum written in a language I cannot read just to find spoilers and other information about our beautiful boy, was honored by my fellow fans with  several awards which I will cherish, and have had a great time.

Thanks all of you for being who you are!  Having you to share the InuYasha experience with has made it the special thing it is to me.
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