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I wrote it. I'm guilty. I'm not so sure that I like it. It feels too sentimental-schmaltzy to me. But I am posting it cause it's proof I at least wrote something today, and that's my goal.

Thoughts on chapter 556

Do not let your tears
slide down your cheeks from the fear
of the deep darkness,
or the laughter of the ghosts,
a jewel’s broken promise.

Do not let the voice
taunting you with possibles
never yet fulfilled
plunge you into that midnight
where fear makes fools of us all.

Listen to the sound
of the one true voice calling,
the one voice that speaks,
calling out in the darkness,
born for you, and you for him.

Do not let your tears
wrap you in isolation,
hopeless in the dark,
his eyes are like the sunrise,
to chase away the shadows

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