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Spoiler for InuYasha chap 556 (cause I think Doggieear is out of pocket)

Under a cut.  I need to talk about this!  LOL.  Translated by Patches.   Read it so I can talk about it!

If Kagome wishes on the Shikon no Tama and is absorbed, Naraku will awaken again and a new battle of souls will begin within the jewel.  Ever since Kagome carried the Shikon no Tama back to the Sengoku era, her fate had been decided.  She would become one with the jewel and continue the battle.  Thus was the reason Kagome was born.
This is what the youkai explain.
Inuyasha: "That's not the reason Kagome was born!"
And as he attacks the youkai,
"Kagome was born so that she could meet me.  And I, too... for Kagome's sake..."
Inuyasha: "Kagome, can you hear me?!"
Scene change to Kagome.
The jewel tempts, "Are you not going to wish?"
In distress, Kagome hears a voice.
Kagome: "Inuyasha?!"

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