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Poem: Whispers version 2

This is a revision of an old piece of mine...I tightened and modified the rhyme scheme and scansion, and reworded a good bit.  Not yet sure if I like the third stanza, though.  But I am much happier with the first two.

Whispers II

Do the whispers that you hear
as you walk there, silent, proud,
passing softly through the crowd,
mouth to mouth and ear to ear,
do the whispers that you hear -
Inugami, monster, thing,
Bakemono - do these bring
darker times to mind too clear,
fodder for your night time fear?

Words that cut one to the heart
set a life a world apart.

Whispers easy, whispers cheap
caught your mother long ago,
tears that came without a blow,
bladeless knives that made her weep.
Whispers easy, whispers cheap –
words with barbs create a haze,
unseen are the welts they raise,
slicing in the heart so deep,
leaving wounds that bleed and seep.

Still the child within you cries
As they beat her with their lies.

Whispers, whispers that you hear
of the girl who walks with you –
it would hurt her if she knew
what they say so soft but clear.
Whispers, whispers that you hear,
evil talk that will not yield
so your love must be her shield -
never let the words get near,
saving her from others’ fear.

As her great heart stands with you,
Love will show you what to do.
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