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Fie on reading almost good fan fics to discover they were abandoned 2 years ago.

Fie on fan fics that start with the characters horribly OOC, but use other character death as the reason.

Fie on falling asleep at the computer at 4:30 in the morning, and then having hubby refuse to get up and let the dogs out at 6:30, when he had been asleep hours longer than I.

Fie on a body that wakes up too quickly.

Praise be for fine, freshly ground Kenyan AA coffee in the pot. And Skippy's reduced fat Peanut Butter. And whole wheat bread. And the discipline NOT to correct chapters in badly written fanfics like I was once again an English Instructor.

On the other hand, I caught a sale of 70 page college ruled notebooks for 10 cents a notebook. These are my prime brainstorming tools, and this is the time of year to buy them...before they go back to a buch and a half. I usually stock up for the year during return to school supply season....
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