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May. 23rd, 2008 11:46 am (local)
getting to know you...
Blog on your immediate family, a few high school memories, and how you first got into Inuyasha.

My immediate family consists of my hubby and I, two golden retrievers and a mixed blood black terrier who has some scottie in her.  The dogs are old, the youngest being 11.  Hubby is retired from the Forest Service, but still does wildland fire work as a public information officer during the height of the fire season.  We share a passion for history, making things, reenacting.  Funny thing is, he's part Japanese, but only is really interested in US history. 

I was part of the graduating class of 1973...that was a different world than today is.  I was a member of a very small ecology club during the first Earth day.  We could smoke cigarettes on campus.  In tenth grade I discovered cutting school, and the only reason I got to go into 11th grade is that I got so sick the last two months of school with a bad case of mono that they passed me. 

It's amazing that I discovered InuYasha.  I had basically given up watching TV back about 1999.  But last year, hubby spent 3 weeks at the wild fires in Georgia, and I would get up early to give him a call.  While I was waiting to talk with him, I turned on the TV (yes, I have cable, even though it's mostly wasted money) and watch CN, which was still in Adult Swim at that time.  I noticed there was this interesting show about this guy with dog ears and a woman with these floating eel looking things...and a giant cat.  I actually started paying attention about the time Kagome heals Kikyou.  I got hooked fast.  I discovered at that time there was a lot of it on Youtube, and caught up there, and then discovered Media Miner and so on and so forth.  This would have been in May, last year.  I started buying the manga.  Then on June 15, I posted my first piece of fanfic, a poem, on DA.  And here I am today.

Just luck, I guess.
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