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Meme Response to Xgrenade


May. 23rd, 2008 11:10 am (local)
hmmmmmm. lets see here, what would i want to hear kk talk about? how 'bout something Futuramaish, just cause i'm a huge dork like that. *grins*

Unbeknownst to us regular mortals deep in the research labs, the brain (or at least what passes for a brain) of Homer Simpson was duplicated into electromagnetic circuits and fed into a not so gigantic flash memory card.  Later, the card would be exposed to an unknown snarky form of radiation that increased its sarcasm quotient tenfold and reduced its morality quotient fifty-fold.

Many years in the future, a technician, hung over after a particularly wild bachelor's party for his immediate superior who was celebrating his new bachelorhood after getting rid of his last roomie, knocked over a jar of surplus memory cards to be used in the robot he was assembling.  Putting in the damaged flash chip, the techie turned on the device.  Suddenly there was a flash of smoke and a crackle of energy that knocked the techie on his keester.

The robot sat up.  "So, you got something to say to me?"

The technician sat up, rubbed his aching head and mourning the fact of his hangover.  "Yeah,  I do.  Your name is Bender.  Next!"
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