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Poem: The Nightwatch

The Nightwatch

The full moon rising,
so large, over the mountains,
tinged with black cloud haze
unseen until they shadow
moonlight piercing the dark night.

Hiding in shadow,
he sits and feels it calling,
touching his darkness,
the throbbing of his youki
answering an ancient call.

He sits and watches,
breathing in the midnight air,
One white ear twitches,
Where he sits, wrapped in dark leaves
Alert for any stray sound.

His tree gently sways
with the kiss of midnight wind
as the moon climbs up
whitely singing to his blood
as it moves toward zenith.

Below him, they sleep,
the people fate has chosen
to put in his hands,
claw tipped, and not always clean,
and for them he keeps the watch.

In silver and red,
Inugami in the tree,
voicelessly baying,
his youki sings in the night
how he guards them with his life.
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