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Izayoi Contemplates: A Ballade

I wrote this for IYcaptions.  Don't ask me why I decided to write a Ballade.  A ballade is a pretty complicated form to write, with a very strict rhyme pattern.  3  stanzas of 8 lines, rhyming ababbcbc  and then an envoi rhyming bcbc.  8 syllable lines, too.  I don't even like rhyme all that much.  But I wrote it anyway.

O little boy with silver hair,
Your father's eyes look out at me
From your sweet face without a care,
You know not of the hate to be.
I long to keep you safe, you see
To wrap your little life with joy
The days will come when you must flee
For I must leave my lovely boy.

You are a child of love most rare,
The proof my lover left with me,
His amber eyes and silver hair --
You are a living memory
Of all we hoped when we were free
Before cruel fates made us its toy
And took your father far from me,
Away from his most precious boy.

I hate the fate that you will bear
Because your father died, you see -
None to protect the child so rare
My heart cries out for what must be -
Your father's spirit calls for me,
And I will leave you without joy
When my soul follows his to be
At peace, my poor and orphaned boy.

And when that day has come to be,
I'll pray for you to find the joy
That true love brings, to set you free
From all this grief, my lovely boy.
Tags: poem

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