knittingknots (knittingknots) wrote,

Of Moon and Water

Of Moon and Water

Watching the moon rise
white above the still waters,
reflecting palely
against the water’s blackness,
dark as my heart feels,
I wonder what the moon thinks
as I sit and watch,
staring at the dark water
staring at the night.

Watching dark waters
kissed by the glowing moonlight,
waters smooth as glass
smooth, untouched by the wind’s breath,
hiding what’s beneath
like the smile upon my face.
Placidly it waits –
I wonder what it would say
of the fickleness
hidden under lying words,
or smiles reflecting
beneath the morning sun
other people’s light.

Don't know where this poem came from...but it's the first poem in days, so I am happy....
Tags: poem

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