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Strange google translate translations....

It's funny. Naraku has warped from basement to trap room to the latest in Googlese: coaster-ride

I kept getting this image of him as an evil black amusement park ride crashing down on Kaede's village....

Today, this one caught my eye:

Iron nails powder soul

of course, it's supposed to be Sankontessou, soul scattering iron claws, which is amime translated as Iron Reaver Soul Stealer. Don't know which one is worse, the Viz translation or the google one...

Someone on Ch2's main InuYasha thread's speculation:

Meidou -> Naraku returns (revives) -> Kagome's arrow shatters the Shikon no Tama ->Naraku escapes -> Journey for Shikon fragments -> Inuyasha: "We will continue the fight." -> The End

Google translates this as:

→-coaster ride is back open road Meiou → Kagome soul of arrows in four ball into木っ端微塵→ → four-coaster ride on the lam to find fragments of soul journey → Inuyasha "We will continue to fight." → End

Babelfish, just for contrast:

The 冥 road you open, -> the basement revival -> with the arrow of the basket [me] the ball of four souls becomes the wooden [tsu] edge minute dust, -> it appears in the traveling which searches the fragment of basement flight -> four souls, -> the dog night 叉 “we fight is yet to come”, -> the finishing

No wonder my mind is all skewed, reading this stuff every day.


This one just came in and I had to post it:

The Japanese:


The googlese:

Takahashi "and all! That makes me if I know. I guess the reasons why it depicts the future. Volume much over 50 w"

The babelese:

Takahashi “and [be] obtaining! So if it is said, so the shelf. The [wa] which in the future keeps drawing also the reason. 50 the leprosy which is wound applying, w”
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