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The other side of spring fever....

First I got the urge to reorganize (only gave into it a little) and then to garden a little (cleaned up the flowerbed at least) and now I get the other part...inertia. The blues. Don't want to write, don't want to craft, don't wanna. Period.

The last few days, mostly I've been rereading the Lucky Ones. I like most of the story, except somehow, my vision of InuYasha in that story morphs from a tall and serious and older InuYasha into Robin Williams as he was in Being Human. It happens every time I read it. At least it's better than when he morphs into someone ressembling a 40s era film noir character chewing a cigar like he does when I read Turn About Is Fair Play....

Haven't written much all week.  Keep trying to find a poem to write, but all the images I get are whiney.   

So now I'm torturing myself by rereading Chronicles; the yoyoing between rational reaction and emotional freakout in that story sometimes drives me crazy.  So why am I doing it?

Hell if I know.  Just feel the need to escape into long convoluted fictions that  I know turn out satisfactory.  Wouldn't be surprised if I end up in Emergence before this mood's amazing how often that happens.....

Everything is irritating me today.  My poor hubby.  Moody poets are a pain in the butt.  And the more irritated I am, the more he flitters about, trying to do something.  And the more he flitters, the antsier I become, no matter what he's doing. Him just walking in the hallway bugs me.   I'm really at the height of my introversion swing.  And of course, because I'm antsy, he wants to do things and the doing is driving me crazy.

Gah!  When I'm like this, I'm such a putz.
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