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Today is the anniversary of my travelling 2000 miles out of the heat sink of Houston into the wilds of the intermountain west to say "I do" to a special guy I met online talking civil war history.

For me, it was better than falling down a well....

He's threatening to keep me locked up for the day, but somehow, I expect he'll be sent on a wildfire before the day is over. We almost never get to spend our anniversary together.

On the other hand, I discovered if I sneak into the other room, plug my headphones into the stereo to listen to all the edgy music which is what my psyche is craving right now and tune out everything else and take...wait for it...paper and pen....I can actually get some writing done.

How low tech! How effective.

It doesn't work for poetry though. It used to, but I forgot how to. LOL.

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