knittingknots (knittingknots) wrote,

Life and Smoke

I've actually been writing today...that is until I heard the Trigo fire south of Albuquerque broke through its containment lines and has been running like no tomorrow in high winds, requiring mandatory evacuations...and a huge grass fire east of Roswell, NM blew up late this afternoon. too....Fire maggot in me overcame the fiction writer in me....LOL.

Piccies if you wanna see are best found here for the Trigo fire:

Trigo fire was 95 percent contained, too (which means they had good firebreaks and burn outs around the fire and almost had it where the only real burning would have been inside the containment lines and it wouldn't have grown, but it was way too windy today, and it took off.

I knew it was bad when I checked the SW GACC and found they were putting a Type One team to manage it. That is usually saved for when there are neighborhoods and tricky situations near or in a fire.

Wonder if hubby will get a phone call from dispatch tomorrow? He was only gone a weekend on the last call out....

If I can calm down, I'll be back to the Yama-uba....
Tags: fire

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