knittingknots (knittingknots) wrote,

Crazy day...And a Meme

So here I am. Hubby went off about noon to go to Asheville, NC, for a wildland fire assignment. But by the time he gets there, it turns out they had cancelled his work order, and are sending him home tomorrow.

He's got a flight out about 7 Eastern Time, and needs to get up at 5.

So crazy me is staying up to 3 AM (only about a hour later than normal, btw) so I can call and make sure he's up. Time zones are such cool things.

Still not totally wasted time. He'll get paid for all the travelling back and forth.

But I haven't felt like writing in 3 days. I did get a paragraph written on ATE 12 yesterday, but today I just vegged. This evening, to amuse myself, I started reading Yu Yu Hakusho from the beginning. Up to chapter 23, alternating that with the occasional IY fic. Right now I'm alternating with doggieearlover 's Blood and Tears....

Two more hours to go. Maybe I'll go make another cup of coffee....

And while I'm at it, a Meme:

You Are Punk Music

You've thought long and hard about what mainstream society has to offer...

And you've pretty much decided that most normal things aren't for you.

You're creative, expressive, and likely to do things yourself.

You are a rebel and a fighter. You'll defend your point of view to anyone.

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