knittingknots (knittingknots) wrote,

Cotton Candy (a poem)

Just a little something I discovered....LOL (There's a poem with a graphic here)

Oh, if you were a-wondering, a-questioning, a-pondering
if you were a-wondering where all that soft sweet fluff
came sneaking in your plotting, your designing, your writing,
came trickling in your writing to hide the harder stuff,
there’s this little bitty fairy, white fairy, small fairy
there’s this little bitty fairy who never gets enough
Warm and fuzzy feeling.

I call her Cotton Candy, yes Candy, quite dandy
I call her Cotton Candy cause she’s so sugary and sweet.
She flickers through my stories, those stories, poor stories,
She flickers through my stories before they are complete
With pixie sugar dustings, or rustings, bright dustings
With pixie sugar dustings that make me pull my hair
Such sweet and fluffy feelingss, concealings, revealings,
Such sweet and fluffy feelings sprinkled without care -
Time to break out the dustbuster.


(I actually commissioned this piece...I think it captures a lot about what I think Cotton is like...)
Tags: muse, poem, waff fairy

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