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Poem: Early Morning

A contemplation of a quiet I/K moment... sort of a choka poem, set in the same story universe as After the End

Sunlight, honey warm,
caressing her pale skin there,
where the blanket fell
crumpled in folds on the floor.
Her breathing, easy,
puffed back and forth a few hairs
streaked across her face.
black lines against her warm cheek.
He watched her resting,
her midnight hair cascading
across the pillow,
mixed with his longer silver,
falling between them,
how she would wrinkle her nose
when the hairs tickled,
how when the sheet slipped downward
as she stirred in sleep
a rosy aureole peaked,
crowning the white breast.
Stretched out, he lay next to her,
a white furred ear flicked
as a bird called flying by
outside of their room,
nothing needing attention.
So his eyes stayed fixed
on the woman next to him
as he stroked her arm
surrounded by the sweet scent,
sweat of their joining,
and for the moment
rested peacefully content.
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